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Re: [gpsstash] Re: GeoCache-ing

The reason people ask about what to put in one, is probably most of them
have never seen a stash in person, so dont know what is to be expected..
(should I put 1000$ cash in one, or a can of pepsi?) I think the idea of
finding goodies is the main attraction, aside from having another cool use
for one's GPS receiver.. for me, it is a combination.. the planning.. the
discovery that your original plan isn't going to work (almost always),
improvising a new plan, the last 500 feet of search, the excitement when you
first see it, sitting your ass down next to it, and cracking it open like a
kid on christmas day, not knowing what you might find (some day, maybe
someone WILL put $1000 cash in one, ya never know:).. And sometimes, a
distinct sense of accomplishment when it's been a really hard search..

I dont know what you consider a stocking stuffer, but there have been at
least two perfectly good GPS units put into caches, and at least one 500mhz
CPU put in one (I could use that! If only I lived closer!)... I've put two
brand new brunton compasses in a couple different stashes, a 50$ distortion
pedal for an electric guitar in one, I've seen a digital wind speed meter in
one, an edition of TopoUSA, military MRE's, other various survival/camping
gear, etc.

It's not all useless junk, is all I'm saying... granted, I've seen some,
but there's usually always something useful to find in any given stash..

On the other hand, there is no reason why you cant go put out a logbook-only
stash like you mentioned.. This has been talked about from the beginning.. I
guess people just like to put things in them as well, so it hasn't been done

Your other idea is exactly Dave Ulmer's Offset stash idea.. post
coordinates, but the stash is not actually at the coordinates, it takes some
additional non-gps navigation to find it... This would be similar to
letterboxing clues... I _personally_ think that it could possibly get away
from the original intent of the game, which is to find something using GPS..
depending on how one does it, you could create a scenario where no GPS is
required, just clue-solving skills and/or compass use.. it depends..

There's also no need for big bucket.. 4 of my 5 stashes are in 3 quart
tupperware containers... I've also used a bucket for one.. it doesn't really
matter. You can use any weatherproof container you wish... It just needs to
be big enough for whatever you plan on putting in it to fit... If people
bring stuff that wont fit, they wont leave anything, and will probably just
sign the logbook... nothing wrong with that if it's your intent!

I noticed you live in Seattle.. Have you visited any of the stashes in WA?
There are 6 within 100 miles of you, including 3 of mine on Mt St Helens :)

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>I'm still trying to figure out what the loot has to do with this whole
>thing, so I well understand the "trash" reference.
>It seems I may not be alone in finding that side of the "cache" a little
>off-putting. The frequency of questions about "what is appropriate" or
>if I can't afford ..." suggests a basic level of discomfort with that whole
>aspect, for many.