Matt Stum <>
Sent: 7/5/2000 11:03:03 PM

Re: Cache attempt

You're not the only one... I've had to help push
other cars out of the sand when I go hiking back
there. It's easy to misjudge how deep that stuff
is, and it's much tougher than snow to get out
of, as I'm sure you found out.

I'm just glad there's *someone* up there that is
looking. It was awfully disappointing to drive 6 hrs
to check on my caches only to find them still

Looking forward to hunting your caches!!

>Hi Matt,
>Made 1 attempt at the hilltop site a couple weeks ago but found to my dismay
>the sandy access route I chose wasn't suitable for a heavy , 2wd Mercedes.
>Luckily I found a friendly farmer w/tractor about a 1 mile walk away. He was
>kind enough to take a break from his hay cutting and give me a pull out of
>the sand back to solid roadway. I had started my quest late in the afternoon
>and didn't have time to continue on foot (2.4 miles to go).
>I'll try again with a more suitable vehicle or budget enough time to walk
>from a real road.
>Leelenau county GeoCaches coming soon!
>Original message:
>No visitors yet to my Michigan caches...
>at least no human visitors. As I approached
>one of them ("Acorns") I saw the bucket out
>of its hole and on its side. "Great!" I thought
>"Someone has trashed it.. sigh." But upon
>further examination, the bucket had never
>been opened, and there were no other signs
>of human activity (or critter activity either, for
>that matter). Very weird...