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I question of different ethics...

I questioned Mike Teague's suggestion in his SOS cache description of gluing pennies on Monuments with GPS off-sets on them. I took it as an idea and suggestion, not an absolute requirement. I know I won't be placing a GPS off-set on something like a public monument

I think I would have rather seen Hans-Georg place something like I am planning on using, an aluminum or brass plate. ( brass key ring marker, 1" in diameter with a hole for your key ring. It could be tacked or nailed to or inside the tree or hidden behind a wooden sign, under a picnic table, or a bridge railing with a nail.) When etched or punched and nailed, it is far less permanent then epoxy. I plan on using them for both Letterboxing and GPS caching. Get you close via the GPS and then give you range and bearings or off-sets punched into the markers, leading you to another marker until you find the stash.....

Point being, everyone has there own ideas, opinion and ethics. Voice your opinions constructively for the good of this new and evolving sport, keeping in mind that none of us are "experts at this". Take what information and ideas you need and like, adapt them to your own application and leave the rest behind.

Fredericksburg, VA

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