"nz_etrex " <>
Sent: 8/10/2000 5:43:32 AM

South Island Stash found....

Was in Christchurch over the weekend and after a trip to Akaroa I
decided to hunt for the only South Island stash so far.

I hadn't read the website for about 3 weeks and forgot all the
spoiler info except for the co-ords which were in my gps.

I took a gamble and decided to just follow the pointer and make my
decision at each intersectoin as to which way to go !!

I was 40kms away direct from the stash when I first set out for the

As each kilometre came and went the distance fromn the stash got to
within single digits !!

I was so excited, then finally 800m, 700m, 600m...... until 50m
away !!

I managed to drive to within 5m of the stash (or so I thought) but
after 20mins of searching I decided to look in the most obvious
place, and found it, about 11m (using wgs84 and also trying using
GD49) from where the co-ords said it would be.

I took nothing but left a winning instant kiwi ticket (already
scratched but hadn't got around to cashing it in !!)
As I hadn't anticipated being near the area I was unprepared so could
not bring anything else of significant value.

Had a great time and it is in a magic location.
Hopefully revisit soon when I am there next !!

I was the first stash-finder which is surprising as there are a few
southies on the site !!