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Sent: 8/22/2000 11:32:28 AM

national parks and gps stashing

i don't really feel that i've lurked on this group long enough to warrant
posting, but i've been fully unable to find an answer to my question, so i
thought i'd toss it out and probably get flamed (but also probably get an

i live in miami, florida, which is surrounded on one side by biscayne
national park, and on the other side by the everglades national park.
these seem to me to be prime geocaching areas. the problem in my mind
though is the legal ramifications of putting stuff onto national park
property. personally, i don't feel that one sealed tub is going to
destroy the environment, but i know that there are enough people out there
who would think this was completely out of the question. so i guess what
it comes down to is: were i to put a geocache on national park property,
what is the worst they could stick me with? littering? defacement? any
idea what the penalty is for anything like that?

hope someone can shed some light. if i'm completely out-of-place asking,
let me know and i'll hush up. ;)


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