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RE: [gpsstash] national parks and gps stashing

I think it is a good question and it has come up before a number of times..
is this just another form of littering?

I think the stasher has to consider the area he is putting the stash into.
Maybe if the place is pristine and a stash is likely to compromise that
place, then don't put it there. I decided not to place a stash at the last
minute for that very reason. One of my stashes is just beside a busy
highway, which is hardly pristine. The other is in a very remote place where
there is unlikely to be any visitors other than stash hunters. Hopefully
they will not be offended by its presence.

But most importantly, I take responsibility for the stashes that I have
placed and will go and remove them when I feel they have outlived their
usefullness. When that will be I am not sure.

In your case, if you are unsure about the ethics and legallity of placing a
stash in a National Park then I would not put one there. maybe there is a
place on the boundary somewhere which could be accessed via the park yet not
intrude onto it.

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> Subject: [gpsstash] national parks and gps stashing
> i don't really feel that i've lurked on this group long
> enough to warrant
> posting, but i've been fully unable to find an answer to my
> question, so i
> thought i'd toss it out and probably get flamed (but also
> probably get an
> answer).
> i live in miami, florida, which is surrounded on one side by biscayne
> national park, and on the other side by the everglades
> national park.
> these seem to me to be prime geocaching areas. the problem in my mind
> though is the legal ramifications of putting stuff onto national park
> property. personally, i don't feel that one sealed tub is going to
> destroy the environment, but i know that there are enough
> people out there
> who would think this was completely out of the question. so
> i guess what
> it comes down to is: were i to put a geocache on national
> park property,
> what is the worst they could stick me with? littering?
> defacement? any
> idea what the penalty is for anything like that?
> hope someone can shed some light. if i'm completely
> out-of-place asking,
> let me know and i'll hush up. ;)
> thanks,
> harald p. nagel, jr.
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