Sent: 8/22/2000 11:47:23 AM

Re: [gpsstash] national parks and gps stashing


If you put some promo stuff to help promote the park and were clean about the
whole operation then I would think they wouldn't do to much to you because
you are encouraging visits to the park. The worse case scenario would be
that they confiscate your box and nobody finds it. If you leave a note to
tell people to be neat when they put it back, then it makes it harder to
find. Another angle would be to ask your local park service where to stash
something for a "treasure hunt party" you are going to have (on a imaginary
weekend date) that would be acceptable to them as it would be for multiple
days. That way they are telling you where you could place it that would be
acceptable to them. I hope this helps.

Sean Forbes