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Sent: 8/24/2000 6:18:59 PM

lax stash

Once again another visitor
I love this game. Spoiler censored with x's
from Ian
Yesterday, on a business trip to LA from our home in
San Diego, my girlfriend and I decided to try to find
the cache you left near LAX. She had lived in
Westchester for the past five years and so knew the
area very well. Using my ancient Garmin GPS 38, we
came to the area near the drain pipe and started to
look around.

To be honest, my girlfriend seemed to think that this
SPS stash hunting activity was for nerdy geeks with no
lives. Nevertheless, she looked hard for the stash
with me, and when she spotted it xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
, excitedly yelled out "I found
it!". We both were very impressed with the contents
of the cache as well! After scribbling our notes in
the log, we left some batteries and took the Margarita
mix (we plan to toast you later tonight).

After being caught up in the excitement of searching
for and finding the stash, my girlfriend has decided
that this is indeed a great activity. We both plan to
put together a stash someplace here in San Diego
county in the next week or so.

Thanks for the opportunity to find your great stash!


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