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Matt... Doesn't take much. I was on travel in Atlanta when I placed the Lake Lanier cache... Just takes an evening and it sure beats setting in a hotel room or bar... Just a plastic container of some kind... ( there has been some discussion on the eGroup on using "Used" food containors. I have not heard any results of animals getting into a cache).... I am going to look at my local dollar store near by for a 4-6 QT container. Doesn't have to be a bucket, just semi-water resistance. Everything should got into a zip lock bag for safety any way... An they don't all have to be a 7 mile hike to get to.....



Would like to setup a few stashes myself. Being that I am always travelling, etc...I could arrange it somehow.

Was planning to find your Virginia stash last month, but was away for so long.

As to how hard it was to find your stash, I think the difficulty was nice...but others may disagree. It was a nice and easy hike for me, once on the right track!

Have fun with your future caches, and hope that maybe I can get one going too.

* Matt
Thanks Matt, glad you enjoyed it. That is the whole idea isn't it? I wish there were a few around here for me to find. I have place 2 more. One in NY and one in GA. Both are in much smaller containers. The last, in GA was in a pool chemical container of about 3 QT size. So I think from now on I will stick with the smaller containers. After 3, I think my first is to big, and harder then it needs to be to get into... Live and learn I am planning a day hike with the family this fall to the Shenandoahs, probably Old Rag, so look for a couple of caches to come.


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