Randy Hall <>
Sent: 9/12/2000 8:28:41 PM

Re: [gpsstash] New features on

> On a side topic, Letterboxing and GPS stash hunt games are very similar in
> nature. Since geocaching is a pretty broad term, does anyone object to
> merging the two games together under the Geocaching name? The more back-end
> work I do on the more similar they become.
> Any objections? Will there be confusion?

I would work with the letterboxing webmasters on this one. I would
point out that you are violating the copyrights of the clue writers
by what you appear to be doing (well you're violating my copyright
anyway :-))

I particularly object to my clues being republished on your web site
along with banner advertising, and somewhat object to their republishing
without my permission. I'm sure its something that can be worked out
one way or another, but in no way with advertising of any form (I
speak for myself, not all clue writers, of course, who I'm sure will
have views all over the spectrum on this one). The LbNA people
are very against this sort of thing, though, and remember the LbNA
webmasters cannot speak for the individual clue writers (we had a
big fight about this a few years ago, so alot of people are quite
sensitive to it, as you can see :-).

Again, the games are similar, and there prolly is a good way to work
together, but work together before republishing copyrighted stuff
would be my advice, and for now, please provide a link to my clues,
not the copy. Thx.

randy "the mapsurfer"