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Sent: 9/14/2000 1:33:15 PM

San Diego Cache

"Phil's Memorial Cache"

The very first cache in San Diego County! I left this
cache on 09-10-00 as a kind of memorial to my dog,
Phil, who loved to hike with me to explore the
mountains of San Diego's east county. Subsequently,
this stash is set along one of his most favorite
hikes, and contains treasures for both Geocachers and

I recorded this cache location using my ancient but
reliable Garmin GPS 38, so I can't honestly vouch for
its degree of accuracy. It has, however, been quite
accurate in finding stashes, so it should provide
enough good data to find this cache. The coordinates
to Phil's Memorial Cache are as follows:


Difficulty Factor: 2 (& watch out for rattlesnakes!)

You probably should purchase a National Forest Service
Adventure Pass in order to park legally in the
Cleveland National Forest Recreation Area ($5.00 for
the single day pass). I have seen lots of people park
there without a pass and seldom get cited, so it's up
to you whether you want to spend the time and money to
get the pass or take the risk of a ticket and fine.
If you want to purchase an Adventure Pass, you can buy
one at any Big 5 Sporting Goods store, the Mount
Laguna Visitor's Center (N32'52.015 W116'25.111), or
next door at the Mount Laguna Lodge and Trading Post.

Happy hunting!

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