"Alan Winston" <>
Sent: 9/14/2000 12:52:20 PM

Re: [gpsstash] New features on

> There also seems to be opinion from geocachers who are not
letterboxers on
> this matter as well.

Copying without permission is wrong.

Placing links without prior permssion is usually okay, but
permission is preferable, and advising "I have placed a link to your
_____ at ______" should always be done, with the link removed, or
more commonly modified to a portal page, rather than a detail page,
if there is an objection.

Placing banner ads that are selected by the page owner, rather than
simply a "toll" placed by the host site or the email list server,
makes the page a commercial page.

"" is a commercial site, by definition.

Advertising "The gpsstash page" at the
bottom of every message to this list makes list members participants
in a commercial activity.

It would be nice to have a commerce-free Geocaching list, and a
commerce-free "" site.

I think registering "" was all too telling a move.

Alan Winston