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Sent: 9/14/2000 2:54:34 PM

Geocaching and letterboxing (ad nauseum)

My responses and opinions. Please give me a fair shake. There is no alterior
motive here, so don't chew my head off.


I made a conscious decison to use dot com, not for the COMmerce but because
people on the whole are still used to typing dot com at the end of
everything. I do not plan to go IPO or make any kind of money (profit) on
the site. At the time I was only willing to spend money on one domain name
(well two, with the alternate cashing spelling). was not an
option as was registered by someone else. I didn't want to
confuse people with two owners of two sites when they dropped the .org

I have been building sites for a while now and understand a lot about how
people surf the web. Dot Com is best understood so I went that way. There
was no secret plan to dominate the universe or anything. No need to demonize
me as bourgeois (read: capitalist pig).

ADs and making Moolah (cash$)

If anyone out there has ever had advertising on a site, they realize that a
site with even a million pageviews a month won't make that much in revenue.

I've already spent a lot of time designing the site, working on the
database, and adding functionality. I do this because I like to work on
"cool tech" things, and this is an outlet for some experimentation. There is
no alterior motive. Whatever I get in ad revenue (which I haven't made a
dime yet, by the way), helps me pay for the domain name registration, and
new tech for the web site. There is no business here.

I will be honest and say from the outset that I considered ways to make
money from geocaching. There is none (It's a hobby!). Advertising will
never be enough to cover the expenses of creating the site. I don't expect
anyone to pay for anything. I do not receive revenue for people looking at
the banner (go to to see how it works). Any money I do get
will be if someone purchases a product from that company. So if you don't
like the advertising, don't click on the link and buy anything.

I think I'll modify the REI ad. The flashing text really bugs me.

The math:

So far I've registered,,, At around 35 bucks a pop, it starts to get downright
expensive. I also own SQL Server 7, Windows NT, currently an ADSL line (and
future colocation expense), Visual InterDev, and a Dell Server that is
(right now) solely used to host the site. Overall I've spent around $5k on
Geocaching. I'm not telling you this as a "poor me," but as an indication to
my commitment to the project. To recoop my cost, you geocachers would have
to buy $490,000 in product (from my web site) to REI. That's a lot of tents.


Seems that I opened a can of worms on this one. I was unaware of the fact
that people were so protective of their clues to letterboxes. I do not have
enough time to debate any more with the folks. Perhaps when I
have more time we can have an objective (and friendly) conversation. For now
I'll just provide a link to their web site.


I pledge to the geocaching group that any and all monies received for the
site will go back into the project to enhance features to the game (and
hopefully make it more interesting). Geocaching is a new sport, and in my
opinion, has a lot of room for creativity. I always enjoy receiving
constructive feedback from the group, and recommendations for improvement
are great!