Jim Pate <>
Sent: 9/15/2000 8:45:47 AM

things in caches...

>Best thing I've seen so far in a cache - disposable camera. Take a picture,
>put it back. Last picture taker develops it?

>Strangest things I've seen in caches - chewed gum, house key, toilet paper
>(from someone who accidentally found the cache, while, uh, hiking), tire
>iron (most of these in the same cache)

I started to put a disposable camera in the Cohutta Wilderness stash but
ended up using it on the trip hiking in since the 'designated photographer'
forgot her camera. The other stuff in there will make up for it :)

I've put quartz cyrstals in a paper bag with the the GPS coordinates from
the site they came from as an added 'treasure hunt' in the Tanner Bridge stash.

The best thing I found was in Jim Gooch's stash. I had my 4 year old
daughter with me and it had... candy canes!!!

Now she's an avid Geocach'er.... ("Daddy, can we go treasure hunting again?")

Oh yeah, I've also found Jay's Lake Lanier cache. Now I need a boat to find
Jeff's. Chris's will have to wait until we go to the Laser Show at Stone