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Sent: 9/15/2000 9:36:36 AM

GPS Enabled Digital Cameras

--- In, "Jeremy Irish" wrote:
> I've heard of gps-enabled digital cameras. Any one know of one? Neat
> concept.
> J

Hi all,

I have a Kodak DC290 Digital Camera and a Garmin III+ GPS, and I have
been experimenting with GPS tagged photos.

I put some of my photos on the online photo sharing site PhotoPoint,
and wanted to show maps of where the photos were (the pictures aren't
great, just photos from my vacation and the fire near Fort Collins
this summer). So go to my album:

and you will see a Map of where the photos were taken. Click on a
photo, and you will see two maps, one zoomed in, the other zoomed
out. You can click on the maps, to zoom in/out more, etc.

Check out my home page for more info:

I will be placing my own cache soon in Colorado, with pictures taken
with GPS, of course.

Rick Bobbitt