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Sent: 9/15/2000 11:13:49 AM

Re: GPS Enabled Digital Cameras

I am trying to do this!

TopoZone uses straight lat/lon, but the web page comes back as a grid
of gif files (Here is the Steamboat Springs area):

But I cannot place an Icon in the center.

Terraserver uses UTM I think, so I would have to convert to pull up
their maps.

--- In, a clever sheep wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Sep 2000, Rick Bobbitt wrote:
> #> I've heard of gps-enabled digital cameras. Any one know of one?
> #> concept.
> #
> #I have a Kodak DC290 Digital Camera and a Garmin III+ GPS, and I
> #been experimenting with GPS tagged photos.
> Now what we really need to develop is software that takes your GPS
> location and automatically downloads aerial and topo maps of the
area from
> THAT would be exceptionally cool. ;)
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