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Re: [gpsstash] Southern Idaho's FIRST!

1. Denning
2. City Creek
3. This is hard to say. I cannot give it an exact number. I consider
it a 1 since the road was easily accessible and the stash is less than 50m
from it. But, what was an easy 1 for me could easily be a 2 for somebody
else. So here's my rating ;)
DF is a 1 if your vehicle is a decent 4x4.
DF is a 2 if you cannot drive past the parking area.
So maybe it's really a 1.5? :)
4. 09/17/00


At 9/19/2000 Tuesday 02:50 AM, you wrote:
>Hi Eric,
>GeoCache HQ at has been updated with your
>stash. Congratulations and welcome to this great sport !
>So I can complete the entry and give you due credit, can you please send
>1. your surname
>2. a one or two-word nickname for the stash
>3. the DF (difficulty factor) (see; and
>4. the date that you placed the stash.
>Kind regards,
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