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I am a bit concerned about this talk of converting to UTM. You have to
remember that Geostashing is an International Game and many people in
different parts of the world.

Both Lats and Longs and UTM are International Systems, but I think Lats and
Longs are the most readily accepted. I have only recently discovered and
understood UTM. But none of the maps I use have UTM on them so it is pretty
useless as far as I am concerned.

I actually use NZMG and Geodatum49 on my GPS because this is what is on the
maps that I use. However I can freely convert my waypoints to any other
Datum of Grid System that you wish. I consider this one of the skills of
using GPS. There is quite a potential for error when converting so in a
sport like Geostaching, that is just another one of the challenges.

Actually I an quite suprised that people in the US are only just discovering
the advantages of using a GPS with a metric grid system on their maps. I
didn't even consider buying a GPS until they came out with a software
upgrade that included out local Grid system so I could do just that

In summary, stick with Lats and Longs and WGS84. Then at least when I read
the posts on this list I can still get out my old world atlas and get some
idea there these stashes are

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the way i figure it, since every GPS i've ever seen by default comes setup
displaying hddd mm.mmm in WGS84, people who want to use utm can convert it

nobody can get 1 meter accuracy, so I dont see the advantage, other than
making finding your position on a printed map easier -- in which case we'd
also need to change the datum.. maybe one of the web scripting wiz's can
make a converter... who knows..

Mike Teague -

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From: T. Radeskog
Date: Sunday, September 24, 2000 3:36 AM
Subject: Re: [gpsstash] Digest Number 86

>Just wondered. Do really all cheap GPS's (ie Mag Blazer12) support UTM?
>I have a friend who got one and he didn't know anything about it...
>If not all GPSes support UTM/UPS it would not be a good idea to post
>coords in UTM...
>--- wrote:
>> So ..It is settled then. Henceforth all stash coords will be posted
>> in UTM?
>> REALLY one heck of a lot easier all the way around..(just my 2
>> cents.)
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