Guy Hammer <>
Sent: 9/26/2000 8:38:33 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Another New Member

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Matt writes:
> Matt O'Brien from Portland, OR, USA. Being so close to Dave and Mike,
> we may have to get together sometime. I just learned of this
> phenomenon and must say I am intrigued! I can't wait to search out my
> first cache, hopefully this weekend. Goat Mtn. should be a breeze as
> I've been up there many times so maybe it'll be first.

Guy Hammer from Scappoose, OR, USA here - I'm one of the dreaded
Slashdot people that recently found this activity. You guys can blame
me for spreading the word to Matt! :-) We're both members of a local
4WD enthusiasts mailing list. I just got involved with GPS based
orienteering last May when I was a participant in the Team Trophy
Challenge up in Oregon's Tillamook State Forest. I've already sent a
note to Ian Caldwell, one of the TSF recreation advisors, asking
permission to set up some caches there. My plan would be to cater to
both motorized and non-motorized enthusiasts.

Matt, when do you plan on heading out this weekend? We could probably
hit both the Goat Mtn. and Williams lake sites... :-)

Guy Hammer,
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