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RE: [gpsstash] Geocaching On SlashDot!

I kind of like the fact you need to actually purchase a GPS to play the game
(or be a damn good map reader). There's been a lot of comments on Slashdot
regarding leaving some pretty awful stuff in caches (or stealing them, etc)
which would hurt the game a bit, but with the barrier of needing a GPS unit
than most casual abusers won't be able to locate these caches. Of course,
you make it really hard, why bother if all you want to do is deface it.

Although buckets are cool, clear tupperware (or rubbermaid) containers seem
better since you can actually see the contents before you open the
container. Most of the caches I found used tupperware containers and there
were no surprises.

It's good to get some press, but you do end up opening yourself to hacks
(like the script kiddies who run easily available hack programs or try to
shut down your site), and negative elements. But you also get a nice influx
of new techno geeks to add some new flavor to the game. Hopefully I can keep
the site up during the burst of traffic until I can move it to a faster


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On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Jay Chamberlain wrote:

#For the uninformed non-computer network types What does this mean????
#Good, as in more exposure or bad, as in hacked?????

like most things in life, it's good and bad at the same time.

it's good because it will get the sport a lot of attention. a LOT of
attention. most sites that get posted on go down almost
immediatly due to an amount of incoming traffic that they can't handle
(the slashdot effect is the term people have coined for this, or simply
slashdotting). see

it's bad because a lot of the people that hang out on slashdot are skript
kiddies with nothing better to do than harass other people. i usually
wince when i see something i like posted to slashdot because it usually
means that people are going to post the most inane and irrelevent comments
(turning it into a holy war as often as possible, like linux vs. bsd) and
there's going to be a huge influx of people stampeding over whatever was
posted. i fear that probably the list is going to get very noisy if this
turns out to be popular with the slashdot demographic, i'm just hoping
that it's too 'geeky' for them to pick up on. ;)

i'm saying open up
and let the rain come pouring in
wash out this tired notion
that the best is yet to come

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