"Makaio " <>
Sent: 9/26/2000 5:43:10 PM

Another New Member

Hi folks.

Matt O'Brien from Portland, OR, USA. Being so close to Dave and Mike,
we may have to get together sometime. I just learned of this
phenomenon and must say I am intrigued! I can't wait to search out my
first cache, hopefully this weekend. Goat Mtn. should be a breeze as
I've been up there many times so maybe it'll be first.

I tend to travel to the southwest a few times a year, so I plan on
searching close to the places I visit if there is a stash nearby. I
notice none posted (yet) in Texas or Arizona which are two places I
visit often, so I may have to plant a few while I'm there.

I'm originally from northern VA, so I'll be heading for Jay's
Quantico stash the next time I'm back there!