Eric <>
Sent: 9/28/2000 1:29:45 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Urban Stashes (revisited)

Well, with my work, and going to college, I have limited time to hunt. So
I can only hunt the stashes within 30-50 mi. of me. Some of the stashes are
not accessible during the time I usually hunt too, I tracked down two that
were in forest preserves, and the tree cops don't like you noising around
after hours. I work 2nd shift and sometimes hunt after that at 1-4am. When
I set up my stash I made it a 24 hr stash. Come to think of it maybe we
could note that on the web page, if it is accessible 24hrs. or only 9-5.

What state and town are we talking about? I am in Elmhurst IL.


Matt O'Brien wrote:

> Being new to this list, I've been reading back posts to see what's
> been discussed already. On the subject of Urban Stashes, I'm curious
> how many of you would hunt them and how many think the challenge
> isn't worthwhile.
> I've got a neat idea for a stash, but it would require it be nearby
> my home and thus, extremely easy to find.
> Comments?
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