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Alaska - Centurion Guards

First Cache in Alaska! Posted to


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Note to editor: Had some trouble getting a good reading due to the
terrain and forest. The reading kept changing and would never settle
down. Any suggestions in the future? This was a first. any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated. This was done by Gary Short (Baranof)

N57ľ 03.632'

I am thrilled to be the first to place a GeoCache in Alaska. Considering
the size of our state that's paramount to being the first to place a
cache west of the Mississippi River. The cache has been placed in the
Alexander Archipelagos on Baranof Island near the community of Sitka.
Since we have only twelve miles of road that'll limit the driving. Start
your quest at the Sawmill Creek Campground. Cross the footbridge over
the creek and your odyssey commences. This is a level #1 walk of no more
than a quarter mile. Since the only open ground around here is the
airport you are in a dense forested area. Trees over a hundred feet
surround you. Look sharp, something unexpected is in the trees above
you. Your GPS readings fluctuate a bit due to the size of the trees and
the effects of the tight canyon. The GeoCache is in a white four inch by
eighteen inch sewer pipe, (never used ;>). It's in plane view from over
100 degrees. Hint: It's in this dense forest at the base of one of the
hundreds of century old trees. Among other things in the cache is a
piece of native art. Happy hunting.