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Alaska - KidsGeoCache

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N57ľ 08.518
W135ľ 22.563

Towns: Sitka 6mi. Juneau 90 mi (by water)

This cache was made for young people. It has toys and trinkets. My goal
was to make a relatively easy cache for adults to take young people on.

Har, Har Mate. In the days of old pirates were everywhere. Who's to say
they weren't right here? When captured they had one more trick up their
dirty, greasy sleeve. They'd try to strike a deal with their captor.
They might say, "Ifn' ye set me free I'll tell ye where me treasure be
buried." You bein' keen of ear hear the following: "Ye beach yer land
boat at the head of the Mosquito Cove trail at the end of the road by
Starrigavin Bay Campground. The hike is along a well groomed path except
when you leave the trail and strike out into the dark woods about thirty
fathoms. The cache is in a four inch by eighteen-inch piece of black
sewer pipe with white ends. One end be shown' and a little of the side."
He continues in a whispering, raspy voice, "Thar be treasure galore in
there Mate from around the Horn and across the seven seas."

Logs can hide many things,
diamonds and golden rings.
It's there I would gaze
and be rich for many days."

"Remember - always check the wind before ye spit." ;>)