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Denmark First! - "Kippers in the Jungle"

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Coordinates: N55°45.244' E012°26.554' (WGS-84)
Location: Smørmosen, Herlev, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nickname: "Kippers in the Jungle"
Created: 30th September 2000
Gopher: gopher://
MailTo: (Klaus Alexander Seistrup)

I received my Garmin eTrex a couple of days ago. Today was sunny
and very warm for the season, so I decided this was a fine day to
create the first geocache in Denmark. :-)

The stash is located under the root of a fallen tree in Smørmosen
in the outskirts of Copenhagen. This is an easy 2, but you will
have to get down on your knees to actually see the stash which is
a semi-transparent plastic box with a blue lid and the words "GPS
Stash" written on all sides, holding (in addition to the log book
and a Biro):

* A tin of kippers (best before New Year 2004)

* Red diode lights for you bicycle (or if you're jogging).
Batteries and an arm strap included.

* An "Impossible Puzzle" from Binary Arts.

The canopy was pretty dense and the best accuracy I could obtain
was 12 metres, I'm sorry. But I made quite a few readings and
have taken the average, so you should be able to make it anyway.

If you find the stash, I'd appreciate it if you could drop me an
e-mail ( so that I can include your visit in
the log on the website/gopher.

I used to "play jungle" in that area when I was a kid, but I
haven't seen the location for more than 25 years and I was very
surprised how much it still looked the same even today. The
noise from the nearby highway has increased by several orders of
magnitude, though.