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Sent: 9/6/2000 9:45:21 AM
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Hunters Creek found.

Dear LJ,

Thanks for taking to time to look for my cache and email me. I think you were the first visitor. At least the first who emailed me. This game is a lot of fun. So far I have put out 4 geocaches in 4 different states (VA, GA, NY, MD). www/ I have not had a chance to look for one yet. Mine is the only one in my home state of Virginia. East Aurora is where I grew up and my family and I were home for a reunion this summer. That is when I placed HC.
What did you think of the location?
What GPS did you use? How was the reception and look at the satellites?
Where (what site) did you find the coordinates on the internet?

Take care....

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum...

Fredericksburg, VA

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