"Mike Teague" <>
Sent: 9/6/2000 4:06:48 PM
"gpsstash" <>

My Columbia River stash - GONE!

My latest stash, placed in a _somewhat_remote park area in Vancouver WA, on
the columbia river, has disappeared without a trace!

i figure some drunk kids found it and snatched it... I had been checking it
every 3-4 weeks and the other day when I went to check on it, it wasn't
there, and wasnt anywhere nearby... In hindsight, it probably wasnt the best
location, because one does tend to find alot of empty beer bottles and cans,
and fire pits... seems like a party area... Someone going into the bushes to
take a leak probably found it and snagged it.. Last time I checked it, it
had a beer, fireworks, software, and a bunch of other stuff in it, guess
whoever it was will enjoy it!...

gonna stick to more wilderness areas....

Mike Teague -