"Kim Beattie" <BeattiKM@RSVL.AH.ORG>
Sent: 11/14/2001 2:36:25 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Search techniques

I hear the compass bearing method can be pretty helpful, but usually,
after I get "close enough", I simply put on my "Hider's" hat and start
looking for obvious or likely hiding spots. This method usually works
for me! (Of course, you're talking about micro-caches, of which I have
hunted for very few, if any. So I don't know if the "look for the
obvious hiding spot" will work with something as small as a film
canister . . .)

>>> 11/14/01 06:16AM >>>
How do you go about searching for the cache once you are within the gps'

circle of confusion? Understandably, the gps unit keeps contradicting
in pointing almost randomly to the target once you are within its ETE. I

realize that you're pretty much on your own and must simply search the
visually but is there a method to best define the circle of confusion as
approach it?

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