"B. Hunt" <>
Sent: 11/14/2001 8:16:23 AM

Search techniques

How do you go about searching for the cache once you are within the gps'
circle of confusion? Understandably, the gps unit keeps contradicting itself
in pointing almost randomly to the target once you are within its ETE. I
realize that you're pretty much on your own and must simply search the area
visually but is there a method to best define the circle of confusion as you
approach it?

Do you back off and take sightings from several widely displaced bearings at
distance for triangulation? Seems that would only result in the same circle
of confusion as the sighting lines converged.

I have been planting film canisters with quarters in them for my grandsons
to find with the eMap or eTrex. With the eMap, I average the waypoint for
about 15 minutes when I set the bait. The boys get quite frustrated once the
pointer starts wacking them around! ;=)

For practice, we search for local ngs bench marks obtained from data sheets
These sheets, of course, include helpful site descriptions and precise
bearing/distance measurements from immediate permanent landmarks. For these
exercises we take along a compass and use the ngs description to find the
cap itself. Is it necessary to include this type of data with your bait or
are we supposed to rely on the gps receiver only?

Thanks for any suggestions or reference links/leads/literature.