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RE: [gpsstash] Advise on GPS purchase


I have the GARMIN eTrex Vista. I find it has everything I need including an Altimeter and Compass (which works even when standing still). It's small, lite, detailed display. It's capable of DGPS and WAAS and also can have MapSource maps loaded into it's 24Mb of memory.

I have a little review on If anyone else has a differing opinion or has another GPS they'd like to review, I'd love to have your review on my website!

Jeremy Hurst

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Subject: [gpsstash] Advise on GPS purchase

I want to buy a new GPS. Any advice on which to purchase. It will be used
onland and also in my boat. I guess water-proof would be nice and ease of
menu selection. Since I will be used for saltwater fishing, one that gets
me as close as possible would be good too. Any advise would be appreciated.


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