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RE: [gpsstash] National & State Parks OFF LIMITS!

This in particular is the reason I'm glad that geocaching hasn't become
anything like a national phenomenon. There are enough stashes in my area
(Maryland) and as long as the number of participants is limited, it appears
we're 'flying under the radar'. If millions of people were doing this, I'm
sure there would be a lot of trampled over wilderness. As a Boy Scout of
many years I know how to be kind to nature, so I'm glad the unmwashed
multitudes are planted in front of the TV instead of caching. :)

Unless and until the (either state or federal) park service removes all
caches on park lands, I'm hoping it's a 'live and let live' kind of
activity. I don't plan on disturbing anything I wouldn't ordinarily disturb
and I'm assuming other cachers are doing the same.

If someone is going to maintain that it's a 'criminal' activity, I'm going
to take the position that I'm already a criminal. I speed. I don't always
come to a complete stop at stop-signs. I jaywalk. I'll drive after
consuming one or two glasses of wine with dinner. I've taped programs on
Television and shown or even given them to my friends without express
written permission. And... I geocache in national parks. The government has
criminalized much of what I do almost every day.

This isn't to say that I think people should encroach on a bald eagle's
protected habitat, but a geocache 20 feet off a marked trail? I don't
believe I'm doing any harm, just like me driving 45 in a 40 isn't doing any

That's just my opinion. Of course, I could be wrong.

Alex Johns

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Subject: [gpsstash] National & State Parks OFF LIMITS!

Most of us realize that it is against the law
to stash a cache in ANY national park.

Here in New York State, it is also agains
the law to stash a cache in ANY state park.
"Prohibited to leave any personal property...."

It might be advised to check the New Jersey
laws as they affect Hi Point and Stokes Forest.

The topic was explicitly discussed as it pertains
to geocaching at our local Department of
Environment Control and they issued a department
policy reenforcing the general state law.

Note, that Rocky River Cache (a beautiful hike
and experience, by the way) is, under this
provision, an illegal stash. In fact, the trail head
is specifically posted as off-limits ANY trespassing
from December 1 to March 31. Purpose here is to
protect the winter habitat of the bald eagle. The state
purchased the river valley specifically for this purpose.

I appreciate that this subject is extremely disappointing
news for all geocaching and would be delighted to be
corrected. Anyway, all responsible participants would do
well to check on their local laws and regulations.

Please tell me I'm wrong!

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