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Re: [gpsstash] National & State Parks OFF LIMITS!

I hope we are all responsible in caching and in Michigan, it seems most of us are. I have never seen any vandalism while out pursuing my hobby. We use State, County and local parks as well as private property (with the owners permission) and are very careful not to treat nature with disrespect.

And I'm ashamed to admit to criminal activity myself......I once tore the label off a mattress .

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This in particular is the reason I'm glad that geocaching hasn't become
anything like a national phenomenon. There are enough stashes in my area
(Maryland) and as long as the number of participants is limited, it appears
we're 'flying under the radar'. If millions of people were doing this, I'm
sure there would be a lot of trampled over wilderness. As a Boy Scout of
many years I know how to be kind to nature, so I'm glad the unmwashed
multitudes are planted in front of the TV instead of caching. :)

Unless and until the (either state or federal) park service removes all
caches on park lands, I'm hoping it's a 'live and let live' kind of
activity. I don't plan on disturbing anything I wouldn't ordinarily disturb
and I'm assuming other cachers are doing the same.

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