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RE: [gpsstash] Winter geocaching??

What to do in the winter? Enjoy it even more. I'm personally looking
forward to the snow, it might make some of these Geocaches a challenge.
Check out this link....granted it's not a geocache, but it's along the
same lines.

I haven't been Geocaching lately because many of the caches are way too
easy...walk along a trail for awhile, walk 100yds into the woods and
grab a cache. I've enjoyed them all but I've been looking for something
a little more difficult =/

So what to do in winter....get a mummy bag, grab a tent, your dehydrated
food, grow a pair and enjoy the outdoors. Some of these caches might
actually turn into a real hike instead of a short jaunt down a groomed
trail with the coming of winter. I'm not dissing all of the caches I've
been on, I've enjoyed every single one. And yes, I am being a bit
hypocritical in that most of my caches are fairly easy - part of that is
because most of the places I've hiked it's illegal to leave ANYTHING
behind. And yes again, I'm pre-emptively flaming myself, so feel free
to add to it. I just think that the more difficult a cache is, the more
of an actual hike it is, the more fun it becomes.


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> OK. Snow's on the ground, covering approaches.
> Ice abounds, making many sites hazardous.
> Any ideas on favorable winter weather cache
> sites that would not be too accessible to the general
> public?

California? We may not have seasons, but we do have year-'round
and geodashing. =)


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