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Here's yet another way to handle an off-limits site. Notice the Certificate of Accomplishment listed under Images requires a password. You must visit the site to aquire the password. This is one of the Harry S. Truman National Historic Sites.

The Park Ranger I talked to said, "You can't do that". Until he understood what a virtual cache was all about.

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I believe the sport will just have to get more creative! I really find the
car-hop geocaches pretty boring...I really enjoy the caches that actually
involve some effort (physical or mental). And though we all like to find the
cache and swap out goodies, what about just finding the location, taking and
posting digital pictures along with your comments about the cache?

Virtual caches would still allow us to experience the sport, see and enjoy
places we probably otherwise wouldnt go! We have a new virtual cache that
just posted here in Louisiana it is on private property, not NPS or
State....Driskill Mountain, the states highest point at 535 ft. sea level
(ok, quit laughing!) This is how I think caches in those areas challenged by
laws and regulations should be handled! Check it out at: Louisiana's
Highest Geocache

aka Tequila Bandits writes:
> I hope we are all responsible in caching and in Michigan, it seems most of
> us are. I have never seen any vandalism while out pursuing my hobby. We
> use State, County and local parks as well as private property (with the
> owners permission) and are very careful not to treat nature with
> disrespect.

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