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RE: [gpsstash] Winter geocaching??

That would rock!! I would love to travel across the US hopping from
Geocachers house to Geocachers house...maybe we could setup a goodwill
voucher system. If I let someone stay at my house for a night, I get to
stay at someone elses house....could be a neat idea, and an awesome way
to run a cheap vacation (me still paying to learn....gotta love

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Jeremy Hurst wrote:

>We should setup a global tourism scheme
>where you follow summer around the globe :)

I give six months before a bone-i-fied travel agency markets a plan in
this light.

Either that, or we all start renting rooms by the night to each other,
for those from out-of-town who'd like to score a cache or twelve from
your neck of the woods.

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