Eoghan <>
Sent: 12/27/2001 2:10:29 PM

RE: [gpsstash] Do we want a usenet group? (RFD)

At 10:52 AM 12/27/01 -0800, Ed (Buxley) wrote:
>How about placinging it isn the* hierarchy? Maybe
>Then, if needed, we could always branch that
into >,, and whatever else
gets invented.

I like the idea of leaving it at rec.gps.geocaching so it can branch into
related, but non-game groups rec.gps.* for discussions on specific units or
software, non-game activities, etc. (rec.gps.waypoints, rec.gps.confluence,, rec.gps.rutabaga, whatever) The rec part covers the
recreational aspect of it already.
Sure sci.geo.satellite-nav covers these but rec.gps.* is simpler and more
pedestrian. Maybe more easily found and maybe more likely to be carried by
more providers. That'd leave sci.geo.satellite-nav less cluttered by our
stuff and more focused on the technical stuff appropriate to that hierarchy.

Either way I'm all for it, I'd just done a search yesterday to see if
anyone had started one yet.
FWIW, an unmoderated usenet group is about as independent and non-partisan
as you can get so it'd allow everyone to participate without having to
register, accept cookies, or whatever from any of the main sites (not that
there's anything wrong with that). It just keeps things out in the open for

my $0.02