Randy Hall <>
Sent: 12/30/2001 4:54:53 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Re: Do we want a usenet group? (RFD)

I find it ironic that there is way more discussion on this list about
where to discuss geocaching than discussions on geocaching itself :-)

In the five months preceding this one, there has been an average of
1.07 messages per day on this list (I'm not counting this month
as the discussions don't really seem to be about geocaching; doing
so raises the average to a whopping 1.37/day)

Not that I'm against a newsgroup, the more fora the better, I guess.
It just seems a bit pointless, and I guess runs the risk of further
fragmenting where people discuss geocaching.

Why is a newsgroup better than this list? If it is the ads (are there
still ads?), might I suggest procmail.

It has been reported that the participants in the highest volume
geocaching forum don't seem interested, so it would seem that those
who are interested in staying on top of the discussions still need
to develop or maintain a way to read that forum, so it seems that
a newsgroup doesn't really solve the problem. Perhaps I am missing

Again, not against a newsgroup, but I see it as a rather pointless
exercise. Just my two cents.