"Neil R. Ormos" <>
Sent: 12/31/2001 2:02:35 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Re: Do we want a usenet group? (RFD)

Randy Hall wrote:

> Not that I'm against a newsgroup, the more fora the better, I guess.
> It just seems a bit pointless, and I guess runs the risk of further
> fragmenting where people discuss geocaching.
> Why is a newsgroup better than this list? If it is the ads (are there
> still ads?), might I suggest procmail.

There are several reasons why a newsgroup may be better than
a mailing list.

The message traffic is not integrated with "e-mail";

You can choose only topics you are interested in (vs. opting
out by deleting e-mails in which you aren't interested); and

There are archives.

Several of these are also features of web-based discussion
facilities, and that may be why most of the
geocaching-related discussion has migrated away from this
mailing list and on to the web-based facilities. But there
are also problems with the web-based facilities that would
be resolved by conducting discussions via Usenet.

First, the web-based facilities are extremely
time-inefficient for the reader. I can scan perhaps 10
messages using the trn newsreader in the time it takes to
read and dispense with 1 message on any of the web-based
forums. As others have posted, there is software available
for use with the Usenet distribution mechanism that allows
one to download the contents of a newsgroup to read offline.
The newsreaders also have extremely efficient threading and
automatic disposition features (e.g., killfiles).

Second, several of the web-based facilities require

Third, the web-based forums are "owned" by someone, which
invites censorship. There was quite a bit of that on one
highly influential web site a while back.

--neil ormos