Matt Peckham <>
Sent: 1/10/2001 3:56:18 PM

RE: [gpsstash] What's The Opinion on a Garmin GPS12?

I believe the eTrex is pretty much the same, and it's a bit less. also
allows you to see the track you are following, although it has no scrolling
ability. I think you might hold out for a bit as I believe the 12 is an
older model and pretty close to outdated. for $60 more you can have a
mapping GPS like the eMap, or the Lowrance globalmap100.

The eTrex is oh so small and light too. it's very tiny, and it's rubber
seal wedges to your dash/windshield well enough for offroading.


I posted this message to the forums too, but I think more people read this.

I've got the opportunity to upgrade from my Magellan GPS 310 to a Garmin
GPS12 (the base version, not color or able to download maps). The price I'll
be paying is $120 plus shipping. What is the opinion of anyone that has
experience with this unit? Is this GPS unit reliable, good quality? Are
there any features of it that might end up driving me up a wall? Let me

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