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RE: [gpsstash] Re: maps question

I have a placenames database you can download freely on the internet - it
has over 1.2 million waypoints! If you click on the "nearest placenames"
link on the cache pages you can get the list of all of them. You can do a
search, but I think it's part of GIS if you want to use it yourself. You'll
have to be a database guru to get quick responses from data searches though
(and a bunch of disk space).

I use the maps, which are free. I then add some
random nearby placenames and put them on the map. It's a neat feature from
TIGER and I limit the number of them since it tends to crash IE (but not
netscape, for some reason). You can get the full list by using the "nearest
placenames" link on each page. I do have some countries other than the US
but not all of them.

It's pretty cool. I had a request a while back for one of the waypoints that
showed the location of a mine they were trying forever to find. I am working
on adding this feature to the site so you can download local waypoints in
addition to the geocache.


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Subject: [gpsstash] Re: maps question

As I recollect, Jeremy was using MapBlast maps on the cache detail
pages some time ago. Apparently, MapBlast requires any site that
displays more than a certain number of it's maps to pay roylaties or
fees or such. To avoid this, Jeremy was offered by someone (forget
who) to use maps generated by some government agency mapping
software. Since we pay taxes, it already belongs to us (present non-
US citizens excluded ;) ).

So for detail map displays, he uses the free stuff and just links the
maps to Map Blast since they can't charge him for his users viewing
their maps on their webserver. In fact, maybe they should pay Jeremy
for sending so much traffic to their site!


--- In, andysolo@m... wrote:
> anyone know how to see the same detail, thats shown on the maps of
the caches, when looking at mapblast? or is something else being used
for the little maps on the url?(if so, why, when you click on them
does it bring you to maplast?).
> by this i mean, there are often red dots denoting features on the
maps etc. but when you goto mapblast, no matter how much you zoom in
or out, the map doesn't look like the one on the url.
> ?
> andy

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