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Sent: 1/11/2001 12:22:52 PM

Re: Fun Satellite Tracking Software

"Dostal, Jason J" wrote:

> Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 09:56:44 -0600
> From: "Dostal, Jason J"
> Subject: Fun Satellite Tracking Software
> I was browsing around the net today, and found a cool piece of software
> called SatScape. It allows you to load up a database of all the operational
> GPS satellites along with hundreds of other man made objects orbiting earth
> (including MIR). You then enter your position info into the program and
> select a view, and it starts tracking the satellites for you on an overview
> or horizon map. It's kinda fun to play with, so I thought I'd hand the link
> out to everyone:
> It's freeware, so you don't have to pay anything. Also, here is how you add
> the GPS satellites into the database:
> In the Satscape Control Panel select the tab marked "Groups and Elements"
> Select "Add new group"
> Select "Yes" when asked if Internet updated
> Type "GPS Operational" in the next box and select "ok"
> Type gps-ops.txt (lowercase) and select "ok"
> Type and select "ok"
> Type /pub/elements and select "ok"
> Click "Keplerian Element Update and Clock Sync" - make sure you are online
> before you do this.
> Go to the "Satellite Database" tab. Select "GPS Operational" from the
> "Favourite Satellites" pulldown menu and click "Select All".
> Click "Save And Close"
> Then, go to one of the graphical views and see what's currently floating
> above you. Have fun.
> Jason

I have found a couple of more satellite sites.

NASA has a *GREAT* JAVA applet based satellite tracker at:

It has predictions as well as a KEWL rotatable '3D' image showing
current, real-time locations of satellites in their correct orbital
positions around the Earth. Yes, it even shows most, if not all, of the
GPS 'birds' as well as satellites in 'geo-synchonous' orbit.


Also, don't forget the handy and easy to use for good local visible satellite
predictions, including the dazzlingly bright sunlight reflection
'flares' off of the Iridium satellites (I saw one 'Iridium flare' here
in Appleton on wednesday evening that shined at magnitude -9).

Satellite watching is a FUN way to spend the early evening after a good
'cache hunt' (or a pre-dawn morning before one).



Michael G. Koerner
Appleton, WI