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Sent: 1/11/2001 2:11:41 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Re: maps question

they are from the tiger census database


Matt O'Brien wrote:

> As I recollect, Jeremy was using MapBlast maps on the cache detail
> pages some time ago. Apparently, MapBlast requires any site that
> displays more than a certain number of it's maps to pay roylaties or
> fees or such. To avoid this, Jeremy was offered by someone (forget
> who) to use maps generated by some government agency mapping
> software. Since we pay taxes, it already belongs to us (present non-
> US citizens excluded ;) ).
> So for detail map displays, he uses the free stuff and just links the
> maps to Map Blast since they can't charge him for his users viewing
> their maps on their webserver. In fact, maybe they should pay Jeremy
> for sending so much traffic to their site!
> Matt
> --- In, andysolo@m... wrote:
> > anyone know how to see the same detail, thats shown on the maps of
> the caches, when looking at mapblast? or is something else being used
> for the little maps on the url?(if so, why, when you click on them
> does it bring you to maplast?).
> >
> > by this i mean, there are often red dots denoting features on the
> maps etc. but when you goto mapblast, no matter how much you zoom in
> or out, the map doesn't look like the one on the url.
> >
> > ?
> >
> > andy
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