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"Oh So Blue" - Belize

This one won't show up as new, since it was placed more than 7 days ago. So
I'm posting it here. It also looks like quite an adventure! Hope someone
attempts to find it soon :)

Oh so blue
by Jonathan, Catherine, Fran

N 17° 13.492 W 88° 5.444 (WGS-84)

Country: Belize
Stashed on: 1/6/01
Use Waypoint: GC15D

Due to the nature of the place, the proprietor is holding the cache. Please
see Ricardo for information.

Most of the islands in Belize are overgrown with mangroves. They are the
home to exotic birds, abundant fish, and manatees. Inland, you would also
find fresh-water crocs of up to 15 feet in length. They are terrified of
If you wish to find this cache, you need to visit the coordinates entered. I
gave the difficulty as hard because of the remote location and the fact that
the only accessibility is by boat. Further, the coordinates indicate an
excellent anchoring spot. Other areas in the small cay are either difficult
or impossible to hold an anchor overnight.

The proprietor/owner of the island has been given the cache for safekeeping.
It would be environmentally destructive to leave the rectangular plastic box
in the mangroves.

I would very much like to hear about it if you make it to this wonderful
place. Be sure to talk to Wayne if he's still there. Tell him Jonathan,
Catherine, Fran, Dick, Tom, and Louise sent you! He's an extraordinary chef
and very friendly.