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Re: [gpsstash] "Hat Trick" today!!

Well, only saw the footprints when I got to the last 20 feet or so. Nice
touch that they didn't stop at the cache but continued on (you left the
cache using a different direction than you came) ... but there was still a
few *extra* footprints around the cache area (more now with mine!) ... but
my GPS said I was within 10 ft so it *had* to be around there somewhere!

Spray paint ON the snow!! Nice, but I brushed it away looking for the cache.
I was a bit worried that the snowfall would require an extra long search but
only took a couple of minutes. It *was* completly covered with snow but
still "between a rock and a hard place"

While we're on the subject....SNOW... it has advantages and dis-advantages.
It's somewhat easier to find the cache when you can see the footsteps of the
owner and/or previous searchers (but by the time you find footsteps you're
usually *really* close anyway). On the other hand, it tends to cover up
*everything* and you often waste time looking in places you wouldn't have
looked at if there was no snow. Glad I was wearing 'pac' boots! I bushwacked
my way in to the cache (with snow up to mid calf at times) but took the
'easy' way out by walking on the snowmobile tracks.

Trying to remember what I left (didn't take anything) ... let's see .. a new
("golden") dollar coin, and a stick of beef jerky. The logbook was inside
two baggies, but the smaller, thinner one tore when I tried to put the book
back inside the baggie (real tight fit!)

Richard Amirault N1JDU Boston,
MA, USA "Go Fly A Kite"
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> >Dos Equis in NH.
> Waaahooo! I've been found!!!!
> (Did the footprints in the snow make it too easy for you?-)
> What did you think of the cache?
> What can I do to make the next one better?