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RE: [gpsstash] Re: New eTrex

Thats always happening with technology stuff. Anytime I buy a PC or some
electronic device, a new, better, faster, and cooler unit comes out and the
price of the thing I bought drops... Oh well...

BTW: Darrell just sent me email. Sounds like the Legend and Venture will be
available (or he expects them) in February. He is taking pre orders for them
and will ship them as they come in.

Also, Darrell is supposed to be joining up on our list. He's in the Hays
Kansas area, so maybe we can get another Geocacher going in that area now!

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Thanks for the tip. The site says that they are coming soon, so I fired off
an email to him asking when and how much they would cost. This is kind of
frustrating. I spent a couple of weeks researching the new unit I wanted to
buy, finally settled on the GPS12, and now these come out! They look
awesome...extremely small, all the cool functionality of a Garmin, and you
can use the MapSource maps! I really want one of these.

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