Sent: 1/14/2001 7:08:34 PM

Re: [gpsstash] writerights

> for you visor/palm pda etc owners out there. obvious idea for screen
> protection for your gps, use Wrightrights.
> these are screen protectors for pdas, works great for my unit after i cut
> it to size. now i have no need to buy a fancy case to protect the screen.
> the unit is waterproof and such so i see no other need for a case besides
> screen protection. i got my wrightwrights @ for my visor, so i
> had them anyway. i think a pack of a bunch was 20$ so its probably the same
> price as a gps case of some sort. but if you are buying them anyway for
> your pda, it works..

I have no problem buying a $240 PDA, but $20.00 is too much for a sheet of
plastic to protect the screen. There are some very nice alternatives.


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