"Richard Amirault" <>
Sent: 1/14/2001 4:39:38 PM

Hat Trick (again)

Well .... it was such a *nice* day (well ... for winter)... and I didn't
have anything else to do .... so let's hunt more GeoCache's!!

Bagged three more today (6 total for the weekend)

Eric's Adventure, Saugus, MA (took stopwatch, left dollar coin, pencils &
new compass)
Geocache, Topsfield/Ipswitch, MA (took nothing, left dollar coin, pocket
kite & dinasaur glider)
NH Camera Cache, Nashua, NH (took CD-R, left dollar coin, & 4 AA akaline

I had looked for "Geocache" once before without finding it. Today, as I was
in the woods, it dawned on me what the problem might be. Some where in the
translation from website, to Palm Pilot, to GPS I had made a mistake .... I
WAS LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACE !! (never find it *that* way ;-)

Luckily I had the Palm with me, and yes the co-ords in the Palm were
different from what my waypoint said. So, change them and start looking
(again) .... success!!

Grand Total:
Found: 16 (in 3 states)
Hidden: 1

Oh ... and for good measure I found a LETTERBOX site as well.

Richard Amirault N1JDU Boston,
MA, USA "Go Fly A Kite"