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Re: [gpsstash] PS2 connector pin outs and voltages???


The PS/2 port does supply power. I believe it is 12VDC, at a reasonably high
current (a few hundred milliamperes). I've used a parallel port NIC and also
a small ethernet hub that could both be run from a power cord connected to
the PS/2 port. I couldn't find the cord, so I can't test the pin-out or the

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Subject: [gpsstash] PS2 connector pin outs and voltages???

> I'm thinking about building a cable to draw power from my desk top
> to power my Garmin III+ through it's external connector whenever I'm
> downloading
> waypoints and routes. The III+ will accept anything from 10-32 vdc. I
> know
> the old style AT keyboard connector can supply +5vdc. Does anybody know
> the PS2 connector supplies any voltages? Anybody have the pin-outs?
> Tom Melnik
> Butler, PA
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