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Re: WGS84!

The difference between WGS84 and NAD27 varies from location to
location. If you look in the lower left corner of a paper topo
map, there will be text telling you the difference between the
two for that map. Here in Phoenix, AZ, it says "To place on the
predicted North American Datum 1983 move the projections lines 2
meters south and 66 meter east as shown by the dashed corner ticks."

These dashed corner ticks are where the corners of the NAD27 map
should be if it was drawn using WGS83. In other words, if you were
hunting a stash, you'd be about 66 meters off of where it really
was FOR ARIZONA. I have seen some maps where the difference is
less - Cincinnati is 3 meters south and 5 meters west.

Bob Renner

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> Out of curiosity (and being too lazy to dig on my own), how far
apart are
> they, relationally speaking (inches, feet, miles) or is this
question way
> off course? Is there a standard difference?
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