"cache ninja" <>
Sent: 1/16/2001 1:51:19 PM

need people for an article (esp NY/NJ area)

k. commenced trying to get some more press for us..decided to do it on a
local level where some of my caches are...

person from Rockland Journal News/Gannett wrote me back immediately, want
more info/people to contact for article, unfortunately, they asked me for
phone numbers rather than e-mail. this article could potentially really get
things going in suburban NY/NJ and possibly NYC as well since there are
caches in all these places, not only mine, and many people commute from
suburbs and so forth.

so, any cachers in NY/NJ can you please e-mail me your info if you are
interested in being interviewed for this article? Lucien are you reading

Jeremy, can you please e-mail me your info for them as well?


ps may have a lead on village voice article, not sure though...
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